Join Vieri Bottazzini, a certified LBIPP and EP photographer, on an intense, exciting small-group landscape photography Workshop!

Develop your vision, learn new photography skills, experiment with advanced shooting techniques, master post-processing efficiently, while exploring some of the most beautiful and inspiring landscapes and wilderness around the world. Participating in a full-immersion, small group photography Workshop or better yet booking a one-to-one session, is without a doubt the best way to kick-start your landscape photography, fine tune your skills and get inspired to take your vision and technique to the next level! (read more)



Today’s ubiquitous monitors indeed work great for many purposes. However, only looking at a Fine Art Print you will be able to enjoy the glorious beauty of a great photograph, further enhanced by the tactile quality and feeling of a wonderful photographic paper.

Only a few selected images out of my catalogue are featured as Fine Art Prints at any given time. My Fine Art Prints are available in unlimited, small sized Open Edition and in Numbered Edition; exclusive Artist’s Proof series in extremely limited runs of 10 prints per size are available for collectors and people settling only for the best. My prints are for people whom, like me, think that the best way to enjoy a photograph is still a Fine Art Print. Images displayed in my Featured Landscapes gallery will change from time to time (read more).

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Once more wow, the Windmill photograph is fantastic and looks wonderful in the larger format, I am glad I followed your advice. […] What amazing print quality, those nuances are incredible! […]

Kerem A.

Furthermore, to introduce you to my work I created a line of FINE ART POSTERS designed to offer you the best quality at the lowest price.


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